Our History

Unearth Our Legacy: As Namibia's heartbeat, our central bank weaves an integral thread into the tapestry of every citizen's life. We believe in transparency and comprehensive understanding for all stakeholders as we shape our nation's financial landscape. Dive into our history, and discover the unique and essential roles we fulfill in our beloved country.

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Bank of Namibia - Previous Governor - Dr. WL. Barnard
Bank of Namibia - Current Governor - Mr Johannes !Gawaxab

 Currency Series

Delve into our rich collection, tracing the narrative of Namibia's economic journey from the inception of our central bank to the present day. Each coin and note, bearing the unique imprints of our land, tells a story of the nation's evolving identity, and the resilience and spirit of our people.

Explore our diverse currency series, a vibrant chronicle of Namibia's history etched in our banknotes and coins. From the first issued legal tender to the latest designs, our currency is not just a medium of exchange, but a mirror reflecting our culture, heritage, and the progress we've made as a nation.

Explore The Currency Series 
Namibian Currency Series Illustration

 The Evolution of Money in Namibia

Discover the Bank of Namibia's rich heritage through a fascinating collection of artefacts and memorabilia that showcase the institution's history and accomplishments. This curated selection represents key moments in the Bank's journey, from its inception to its present-day role in shaping Namibia's economic landscape. Experience the story of the Bank of Namibia as it unfolds through these tangible relics, each holding a unique significance in the nation's financial development.

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