Bank of Namibia

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Introducing Namibia's
new banknotes

* Move the cursor to the next note to view each denomination.

We are proud to present the new generation of Namibian banknotes.

These five banknotes have been designed and printed using the most advanced security technologies. Their design pays tribute to our freedom and the beauty of our country.

These new banknotes are Namibia. They are your banknotes.

Discover this website and the video linked below to recognise and authenticate them.

     Bank of Namibia

The new banknotes will run in parallel with the current banknotes and both will be accepted as legal tender.

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What do I check ?

Follow these three simple steps:


Take a careful look at the overall colours, the portraits and the numbers. Lift the banknotes up to light and discover see-through features and watermarks.


Flip the banknotes to check for colour-changing, dynamic features, and for glossy prints. Check the multicoloured security thread on the reverse.


Feel the unique banknote touch and raised prints by running your fingers on both sides of the banknotes.

Check the security features