Daily Economic Monitor

Interest Rate
Interest Rate Name Rate Previous Change Interest Rate Date
Namibian prime 9.25%     2012/09/05

Exchange Rate View
Currency Exchange Rate Exchange Rate Date Year
EUR 15.79265 2017/09/25 2017
GBP 17.92465 2017/09/25 2017
USD 13.23900 2017/09/25 2017
ZARAOA 0.07168 2017/09/25 2017

Commodity View
Commodity Base Metal Group Price Percentage Change Percentage Year To Date Price Date
  Gold 500 -10000%   2009/05/20

Markets View
Market Name Monetary Value Percentage Change Percentage Year To Date Market Date
Dow Jones IA 20,000 20% 45% 2009/05/20

News View
News Group News News Date
Domestic News The Development Bank of Namibia approved projects worth N$190.6 million from November 2008 to 31 Mar... 2009/05/20
Domestic News The Namibian dream of striking oil might have moved a step further to reality after a local oil expl... 2009/05/20
Regional News Mortgage stress which refers to properties that are two months in arrears on bond repayments will in... 2009/05/20
International News Germany investors’ confidence improved for a seventh consecutive month in May, driven by a rebound i... 2009/05/20
International News Japan’s economy contracted a record by 4.0 percent quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of t... 2009/05/20
International News Three US Banks are ready to repay US$45 billion bailouts. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan S... 2009/05/20