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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for executing the Bank of Namibia’s strategy and operations through innovative technology systems, information technology (IT) networks, and advanced data and applications. The Department comprises Business Systems, Information Technology Infrastructure, and Information Technology Security and Compliance, each of which are underpinned by IT governance, compliance and risk management practices.

 Business Systems

The Business Systems function is responsible for aligning information technology solutions to business operations, and statutory functions and requirements.

The specific responsibilities are to:

  • Align systems to business operations;
  • Automate and support business processes;
  • Plan enterprise resources;
  • Provide systems analysis;
  • Develop bespoke systems/software;
  • Administer corporate databases;
  • Enable robotic process automation; and
  • Provide reporting and business intelligence.

 Information Technology Infrastructure

The Information Technology Infrastructure function provides technical infrastructure support and manages the maintenance of the information technology landscape.

The specific support responsibilities are to:

  • Provide high availability of IT infrastructure;
  • Maintain & Administer the corporate network;
  • Perform systems and capacity planning;
  • Conduct disaster recovery and business continuity;
  • Enable electronic communications and mobile computing;
  • Provide technical IT support;
  • Account and maintain IT assets; and
  • Perform Management of the IT data centres.

 Information Technology Security and Compliance

The Information Technology Security and Compliance function manages general information technology (IT) controls, risks and regulation, the governance of IT and adherence to policy, and compliance with international standards.

The specific responsibilities are to:

  • Perform continuous improvement of IT governance;
  • Provide IT risk management and audit adherence;
  • Ensure technology quality assurance;
  • Perform IT Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance;
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Enforce IT security, control and privacy management; and
  • Ensuring compliance with regional/Southern African Development Community (SADC) technology initiatives.

 Departmental Management
Ms Martha Dama

Deputy Director: Business Systems Division

Mr Paulus Tshiningayamwe

Deputy Director: Information Technology Infrastructure Division

Ms Linda Songiso

Principal Security and Compliance Officer (CISO)


For general Information Technology Department enquiries, contact the Information Technology Service Desk at:

Mr M. Ickua - Director: Information Technology - Bank of Namibia
Mr M. Ickua

Director: Information Technology

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