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The multi-disciplinary nature of payment systems requires a pro-active and a collaborative approach that involves and consults with all interest groups, both internally and externally. This approach promotes co-operation and the building of consensus.

The National Payment System Department supports the mission of the Bank of Namibia by ensuring efficient and effective payment and settlement systems. As such, the Department focuses on oversight of the National Payment System (NPS); payment system policy development; research of global payment trends and clearing and settlement developments; authorising and/or licensing access and participation in the NPS; managing daily settlements, as part of the Namibia Interbank Settlement System’s (NISS) operations; and active participation in domestic, regional and continental payment projects.

The specific responsibilities of the Department are to:
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Direct and facilitate the evolvement of payment systems in Namibia so as to provide for the needs of the economy and the public.

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Provide a secure, robust and efficient settlement mechanism to facilitate interbank fund transfers.

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Address risks that could jeopardise the safety of the National Payment System.

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Reduce and contain the systemic risks inherent in the National Payment System.

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Provide system participants with cost-effective and credible services, in line with international best practices.

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Encourage and oversee the re-engineering of payment system services to contribute towards the achievement of Namibia’s Vision 2030.

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Promote fair market conduct by all payment instrument issuers by determining standards for user fees and charges for service delivery.

 Departmental Management
Mr Peter Nghinyotwa

Deputy Director: Settlement System Operations

Ms Candy Ngula

Deputy Director: National Payment System Oversight and Policy


For general National Payment System Department enquiries, contact the Director’s Office at:

     Tel: +264 61 283 5352
     Fax: +264 61 283 5931
Ms Barbara Dreyer - Director: National Payment System - Bank of Namibia
Ms Barbara Dreyer

Director: National Payment System

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