Annual Symposium Speakers and Papers

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Mr. Richwell Lukonga

Mr. Richwell Lukonga is the Chief Operations Officer for the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) responsible for coordinating, providing and maintaining a wide range of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and related support services. Mr. Lukonga has 18 years' experience in the education and TVET sector, having started his career as a teacher at the Okalumbu Combined School in Oshikoto's Onyanya Circuit. He then joined NTA in 2010 as its Manager: Councils and Committees. Lukonga has been acting as Chief Operations Officer since February 2015 until his appointment in December 2016. His experience and research interests includes among others, organizational turn-around strategies, promotion of TVET; and entrepreneurship development.

He holds a Master of Science Degree, Specializing in Human Resources Development from the University of Twente, in Holland. His other qualifications include a Bachelor of Education (Hons)-Degree in Education, Training and Development from the University of Johannesburg, RSA; a Further Diploma in Education Management from the Rands Afrikaans University, RSA; and a Basic Teachers Diploma from the Caprivi Education College and other professional qualifications and short courses in the area of WET and leadership skills.

Paper: Overview of the current vocational training in Namibia
Presentation: Creating employment through Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Ms. Tracy Ferrier

Ms Tracy Ferrier is an independent international consultant providing advice to Governments and organisations on how to bring about effective and transformational change in TVET. Ms. Ferrier has over 22 years' experience in skills development and professional education, including working in and with the public, private and charity sectors. As a former Global Head of Skills at the British Council, Ms. Ferrier led the Council's work globally in vocational education and employability skills. Ms. Ferrier provided high level oversight of the design, management and delivery of large and important technical assistance projects in many countries including Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Morocco and Nepal. These projects involved working with Governments, skills bodies and employers to improve the quality and relevance of vocational education and training. Prior to joining the British Council, Ms. Ferrier was the Associate Director at the Mackinnon Partnership, a public policy and research consultancy specialising in the people side of economic development.

Paper: International experience on technical and vocational education and training (TVET): Lessons and policy options for Namibia
Presentation: International experience on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET): Lessons and policy options for Namibia

Mr. Alpheas Shindi

Mr. Alpheas Shindi is a Competence-based Education and Training (CBET) expert. Currently, he is a Senior GIZ Consultant in Botswana, responsible for developing capacity of lectures from four technical colleges in CBET. Mr. Shindi has been in TVET for the last 30 years. Upon completion of his technical studies, he joined the Harare Polytechnic in 1998, in the Electrical Engineering Division as a lecturer, and rose through the ranks to Lecturer-in¬charge, Head of Department and later Head of Electrical Engineering Division. He held the position of Head of Electrical Engineering for six years before acting in the position of Vice Principal for almost a year. In 2001, Mr. Shindi started conducting freelance consultancy in WET through CBET throughout Zimbabwe and in the SADC region. Between 2003 and 2009, Mr. Shindi worked with the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (vvvrq under a Deutsche Gesellschaft fOr Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GTZ) sponsorship. Mr. Shindi participated in the WET reform in various countries such as Afghanistan, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Kuwait, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

Paper: Promoting Vocational Education and Training in small and medium enterprises in Namibia: Strategies and Policy Options
Presentation: Promoting VET in Small and Medium Enterprises in Namibia

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