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Commemorative Coins

The first consignment of Namibian coins arrived in Walvis Bay on 13 November 1993 and issuance of the coins to commercial banks began on 8 December 1993. The coin denominations are 5, 10 and 50 cent coins, and 1, 5 and 10 dollar coins. The coins depict various Namibian fauna and flora. The metal composition for the cent coins is nickel plated steel and the dollar coins are aluminium bronze.

From January 2019, the Bank of Namibia discontinued the production of the 5-cent coin; however, they still remain legal tender in Namibia.

The Bank of Namibia issued 200 silver N$20 commemorative coins during their 20th anniversary. Special N$10 coins were also part of the 20th anniversary.

  • 5th Independence Anniversary N$1(Copper), N$10(Silver) and N$100(Gold)
  • 10th Independence Anniversary N$10(Silver), N$20(Silver) and N$2(Gold)
  • Miss Universe 1995 Pageant N$1(Cupro-nickel), N$10(Silver) and N$100(Gold)
  • Olympic Games N$10(Silver) and N$100(Gold)
  • Marine Life protection 1998 N$1(Cupro-nickel), N$10(Silver), N$20(Silver) and N$100(Gold)

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