Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub


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Key Objectives of the Innovation Hub

The Bank of Namibia is a vision led and values driven organisation that focuses on digital transformation; modernise the financial system and help restore economic growth and sustainable economic development. The Innovation Hub was established to facilitate Fintech solutions into the market through innovative and enabling regulatory frameworks. The Innovation Hub facilitates dialogue between Fintechs and Regulators on financial innovation and the applicable supervision regime. It also allows for the regulators to understand new financial technologies and associated risks. The Innovation Hub further aims to connect Fintech eco-system stakeholders.

Innovation Hub Fintech

Exploring FinTech

Identify key obstacles and challenges in the financial technology and regulatory technology systems that are of relevance to the central bank.

Innovation Hub - Research & Development

Research & Development

Investigate and facilitate in conjunction with other relevant structures within and outside the Bank, the realisation of pragmatic solutions through benchmarking, proof of concepts and prototypes.

Innovation Hub - Financial System Support

Financial System Support

Recommend and render support for the modernization of the financial system and leverage appropriate technologies to mitigate obstacles and challenges.

Innovation Hub - Expanding Innovation Capacity

Expanding Innovation Capacity

Implement further reviews of institutional innovation capacity and propose improvements.

Innovation Hub - Global Investment

Global Investment

Consult central banks on innovation hubs and pursue membership to and/or participation in global central banking innovation hubs.


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