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Other Bylaws


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Other Bylaws
Other Bylaws are secondary laws issued by the Bank in line with the Banking Institutions Act of 1998, (Act No.2 of 1998), as amended, to ensure that the banking business are conducted in a prudent manner to be sound, remain resilient to any kind of shocks and adhere to the best standards and practices of Corporate Governance. Examples of Other Bylaws issued by the Bank are Guidelines, and Gazetted Public Notices.

Activities that are deemed to be acceptance of deposits from the public   | 129 kB
Guidelines on Minimum Security Standards   | 525 kB
Guidelines on Valuations Rules for Mortagages   | 375 kB
Removal of Post Office Savings Bank from Section 2(2) of the Act   | 316 kB
Authorisation to conduct banking business as a banking institution – SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES BANK LIMITED (SME Bank)   | 255 kB

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