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Find out more about 20-07-2023 BoN Hosts 3rd Tertiary Institutions Debating Challenge.

20-07-2023 BoN Hosts 3rd Tertiary Institutions Debating Challenge
20 July 2023 | Media Release
  Once more, the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) achieved a resounding victory in this year's Tertiary Institutions Debating challenge, securing the grand prize of N$ 10,000 for a second year running. Competing against the University of Namibia, the International University of Management, and Triumphant College, NUST demonstrated remarkable expertise in debating the two selected topics: 'Stabilising Inflation' and 'Virtual Currencies.'

This debating challenge serves as a public education initiative with the objective of fostering greater interest in economics among tertiary students, while also shedding light on the pivotal role played by the central bank in the economy. By providing students with a comprehensive understanding of central banking and the Bank's significance in the economic landscape, this debate challenge not only imparts knowledge about the economy but also equips participants with invaluable cognitive and presentation skills that can prove transformative in their professional lives.

The University of Namibia (UNAM) won second place, earning a commendable prize of N$ 5,000: in 2021, the University of Namibia earned a commendable first place. The International University of Science & Technology (IUM) took the third prize. Triumphant College, which participated for the first time this year, took fourth place, winning prize money to the value of N$1,000. Recognized for her exceptional oratory skills, Audrey Kanditie from the University of Namibia was awarded the title of the best speaker. Her articulate delivery, dominant stance, and compelling evidence on both topics distinguished her, and she was bestowed with a well-deserved prize of N$ 2,500.00.

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