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BoN Engages Senior Editors
04 October 2023 | Media Release
  The Bank of Namibia today engaged senior editors from various media houses with a status update on the Bank’s various operations and activities. This engagement forms part of the Bank's longstanding relationship with the media and its commitment to promoting transparency and accountability.

Led by the Bank’s Deputy Governors, Mr. Ebson Uanguta and Ms. Leonie Dunn, the engagement entailed an extensive presentation on the Bank’s role. Deputy Governor Uanguta reiterated the central bank's role, particularly in ensuring price and financial stability.

Summing up the event, Deputy Governor Ebson Uanguta acknowledged the media’s role in streamlining the communication efforts by the Banks and streamlining public education. ‘’These engagements are instrumental in upholding the valuable relationship the Bank of Namibia shares with our media stakeholders. Given the Bank's extensive responsibilities and its implementation of the 2022-2024 strategy, the media's role remains pivotal in ensuring that not only does Namibia understand the Bank's role but also take into account how our decisions and mandates impact their lives and potentially shape their ability to make well-informed financial choices.’’

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