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BoN Visits Deutsche Bundesbank
03 August 2023 | Media Release
  The visit encompassed comprehensive engagements between the Bank of Namibia delegation and their counterparts at the Deutsche Bundesbank. Discussions covered key topics such as Monetary Policy, Digitalization, Climate Change, Banking Supervision and Financial Inclusion. Emphasising innovation and forward-thinking strategies, these interactions aimed to promote mutual growth and stability for both institutions.

The Bank of Namibia viewed this visit as an essential step in fostering its global partnerships and promoting the exchange of knowledge. By collaborating with the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Bank of Namibia seeks to harness international best practices to address the challenges of the evolving financial landscape effectively.

The Bank of Namibia has been at the forefront of innovation and is dedicated to advancing financial inclusion in Namibia. As a result of the trip, both central banks agreed to collaborate on various projects and demonstrated their shared commitment to advancing financial inclusion, innovation, and shaping future-ready organisations.

The Bank of Namibia and the Deutsche Bundesbank reaffirm their shared vision of maintaining stability, driving innovation, and supporting sustainable economic growth. The two institutions are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as they continue to work together to shape the future of the financial landscape.

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