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BoN and MindsInaction Successfully Host STEAM Expo
26 March 2024 | Media Release
In a bid to empower Namibia's youth with essential skills for the future, the Bank of Namibia, in collaboration with MindsInAction, hosted the STEAM Expo on 8TH March 2024, showcasing the remarkable talents and achievements of learners in participating schools. STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, serves as a crucial tool in preparing students for the technological workforce.

This event marks the continuation of the Bank’s successful STEAM initiative, started in 2023, demonstrating its dedication to advancing Namibia into a country that thrives on digital empowerment and knowledge. By fostering creativity and readiness for future technological breakthroughs, the Bank has been an advocate of STEAM education, through its Corporate Social and Responsibility Programme, to close the educational gap in the face of a swiftly changing digital world.

The Expo served as a venue for twenty (20) learners, selected based on the creativity of their projects, to display their innovative ideas and share the valuable insights gained from the STEAM programme, particularly emphasising collaborative problem-solving for community issues. Learners were tasked to create tech-based solutions for problems faced in Namibia across different industries. Among the various of solutions, participants pitched systems for detecting spoilt food, solar-powered vehicles, rhino tracking devices to curb poaching, air quality monitoring system to mitigate pollution, water purification stems, intelligent traffic systems, and systems for testing soil fertility.
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