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Strategy, Projects and Transformation

The Governor's Office established the Strategy, Projects, and Transformation Division in May 2021 with the task of managing the Bank's strategic formulation process as well as facilitating Project Management Office and Digital Transformation Initiatives within the Bank.

Strategic Dagwood Launch
Strategic Dagwood Launch


The function is responsible for managing, facilitating, and coordinating the Bank's strategy formulation, planning, execution, and evaluation procedures. The Bank unveiled a new three-year Strategic Plan for 2022–2024 that emphasizes its idea of running the same race quicker while also running a different race to get ready for the future.

Delivering on our mandate is, in essence, the new Strategic Plan's goal. We have summarized our game plan as follows in order to accomplish this:

  • Digitally transform the Bank
  • Further modernise the financial system
  • And assist in economic recovery and sustainable economic development
Strategic Dagwood 2022 - 2024
Strategic Dagwood 2022 - 2024

 Project Management

Along with providing technical guidance and ensuring compliance with the Bank's project management policy and governance framework, the function is also in charge of coordinating and facilitating the Bank of Namibia's projects and programs, including the planning, scheduling, project accounting, reporting, and control. Additionally, manage and coordinate aspects of change related to company-wide projects and initiatives in order to ensure benefits realization and to develop and implement change management strategies, policies, and procedures that will maximize employee adoption. This includes enabling individuals to adopt and use changes to organizational structures, job roles, business processes, systems, and technology.

 Digital Transformation

In order to ensure increased value to the organization, the function is also in charge of coordinating enterprise-wide business process and digital transformation operations.

On September 22, the Bank held its first Thought Leadership Event of the year with the goal of fostering rapport, credibility, and trust around timely, pertinent issues affecting Central Banks. The theme of this year's thought leadership event was Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Virtual Assets (Vas). As part of that event, the Bank of Namibia released a CBDC Consultation Paper outlining the main benefits and risks associated with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and asking for feedback on any potential future initiatives in this field. Below are links to the Thought Leadership Event and the Consultation Paper.


For general Strategy, Projects, and Transformation Division enquiries, contact the Deputy Director at:

     Tel: +264 61 283 5361
Ms. Valeria Ndapunikwa Mbango - Deputy Director: Strategy, Projects and Transformation - Bank of Namibia
Ms. Valeria Ndapunikwa Mbango

Deputy Director: Strategy, Projects and Transformation

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