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Other statements

Below is a list of other speeches over the years:

Document Release Date
  02-10-2018 Talking points by Mr. Ebson Uanguta, Deputy Governor at the 2nd National Land Conference | 510 kB 2-Oct-2018
 22-07-2013 Opening Remarks by Deputy Governor, Mr Ebson Uanguta at the seminar on Monetary Policy in the MEFMI countries | 443 kB 30-Jun-2014
 26-05-2014 Opening Remarks by Deputy Governor, Mr Ebson Uanguta , At The Retreat For Heads Of Departments/Units Responsible For Monitoring And Analysis of foreign private capital (FPC) | 167 kB 30-Jun-2014
 06-11-2013 Opening remarks by Deputy Governor, Mr Ebson Uanguta at the retreat for Heads of Reserves Management | 87 kB 30-Jun-2014
 18-04-2013 Opening Remarks by Deputy Governor, Mr Ebson Uanguta, Old and New Challenges on Financial Stability and Development in MICs, IMF, Washington D.C | 275 kB 30-Jun-2014
 09-06-2012 Opening remarks at the Economic Reporting Workshop by the Assistant Governor, Windhoek | 18 kB 9-Jun-2012
 11-05-2012 Opening remarks at the launch of the WIBAR by the Assistant Governor | 96 kB 11-May-2012
 27-02-2012 Opening remarks by the Assistant Governor at the CCBG Seminar | 137 kB 27-Feb-2012
 14-02-2012 Opening remarks by the Assistant Governor, at the Seminar on Banking Supervision | 79 kB 14-Feb-2012
 19-07-2011 Keynote address by the Ass Gov at the NBIC business competition awards, Windhoek | 215 kB 19-Jul-2011
 15-03-2011 Statement made at the launch of Namibia Consumer Trust by the Assistant Governor | 227 kB 15-Mar-2011
 21-09-2010 Launch of MobiPay Payment Solution by the Assistant Governor, Mr Michael Mukete | 30 kB 21-Sep-2010
 21-09-2010 The launch of MobiPay Payment Solution (Pty) Ltd by the Assistant Governor | 30 kB 21-Sep-2010
 02-12-2008 Statement made at the Namswitch Press Conference by the Assistant Governor of the BoN | 62 kB 2-Dec-2008
 17-08-2004 Notes by Governor Alweendo during Namibia Economic Society breakfast meeting | 21 kB 17-Aug-2004
 The impact of financial infrastructure transformation on monetary policy execution - Namibian experience | 88 kB 1-Jan-1970
 The role of Junior Achievement Namibia in Youth Eco empowerment | 53 kB 1-Jan-1970

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