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Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints


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Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints

To achieve its objective of protecting the interests of depositors who place their savings with banking institutions, the Banking Supervision Department facilitates the expression and resolution of written or verbal grievances regarding banking institutions’ products or services or their failure to provide these products or services to their customers.

Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints
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To establish handling procedures for complaints, the Bank of Namibia, in cooperation with the banking industry, has drafted the Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints. These guidelines are designed to direct complainants on how to lodge their complaints and to ensure a consistent approach in the resolving of complaints. The guidelines apply to all complainants who submit complaints to the Bank of Namibia as well as to the banking institutions against whom complaints are lodged

Complainants are requested to familiarise themselves with the principles in the guidelines before submitting their complaints to the Bank of Namibia.

 How to submit complaints
1. Online Submission of Complaints::

The Customer Complaint Submission Form can be accessed and completed online.

Access the Online Customer Complaint Submission Form

The completed Customer Complaint Form can be submitted to the Bank of Namibia via

  • By facsimile to the following fax number:061 283 5067
  • By electronic mail to the following address:complaints@bon.com.na
  • By hand to the Bank of Namibia Head Office:71 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek
  • By post to the Head Office of the Bank of Namibia:P.O. Box 2882, Windhoek
2. Telephonic Submission of Complaints:

To render complaints telephonically, the Bank of Namibia can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

By calling the following telephone number:+264 61 283 5143 or +264 61 283 5054 or +264 61 283 5116

(All conversations between complainants and the Bank of Namibia are recorded by the Bank for future reference.)

 Handling Procedures for Complaints
Step One: Complaint submitted to the Bank of Namibia

On receipt of the complaint, the Bank of Namibia will issue the complainant with an acknowledgment letter within seven working days. The purpose of this letter is to confirm receipt of the complaint and to inform the complainant that his/her complaint will be forwarded to the concerned banking institution for a response.

Step Two: Complaint Validation

All submitted complaints are validated by the Bank of Namibia to ensure the accuracy of details and supporting documents and to ensure that all submitted complaints satisfy the following conditions:

  • The complaint is lodged against a registered and licensed institution that falls under the mandate of the Bank of Namibia.
  • The complaint was formally lodged with the banking institution's Customer Complaints Department but has not been resolved and a total of three months have passed since the complaint was initially lodged.
  • The complaint is not the subject of any legal proceedings.
  • The complaint has not been dealt with by a dispute-resolving body (e.g. a court of law).
Step Three: Complaint Resolution

Once the complaint is deemed valid, it is forwarded to the concerned banking institution for a response. On receipt of the complaint, the banking institution is required to submit its response to the Bank of Namibia within 15 working days. A copy of the response is sent to the complainant.

Step Four: Complaint Resolved

On receipt of a response from the banking institution the Bank of Namibia will make a decision within 15 working days. Thereafter, the Bank will inform the complainant in writing of this decision.

Should the Bank of Namibia be unable to arrive at a decision within the 15 working days, the complainant and the banking institution will be accordingly informed to clarify the reasons and the measures being taken to address the matter.

 Reconsideration of Decisions

Within 15 working days of the Bank of Namibia having made a decision, the complainant or banking institution may submit a written reconsideration request, in line with the Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints, to the Bank of Namibia. On receipt of the reconsideration request, the Bank of Namibia will respond within 30 working days.

The Bank of Namibia will either make a reconsideration decision without the requirement of additional submissions or provide an opportunity for the complainant or the banking institution to provide additional written submissions in a manner determined by the Bank.

Any complainant or banking institution not satisfied with a reconsideration decision has the right to seek legal redress in a court of law.

 Questions and Queries

A listing of Frequently Asked Questions regarding customer complaints submissions can be accessed on the Bank of Namibia website.

Questions relating to the Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints can be addressed to The Director, Banking Supervsion Department, Bank of Namibia at:

     +264 61 283 5041
     Fax: +264 61 283 5228

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