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Welwitschia Fund

President Dr Hage G. Geingob launched the Welwitschia Fund, the Sovereign Wealth Fund for Namibia. The Fund is set to become one of Africa’s newest sovereign wealth funds centred on enhancing national resilience by insulating the socio-economic structure against cyclical shocks while promoting intergenerational prosperity for all Namibians through the distribution of benefits flowing from the present utilisation of the country’s natural resource endowments.

The management and administration of the Fund will be delegated to the Bank of Namibia as the Fund’s primary custodian. A total of N$300 million consisting of direct seed capital from the Government and a contribution form the dividends declared by the Bank has been injected into the Welwitschia Fund.

  Overview of the Sovereign Wealth Fund (Welwitschia Fund)

  Congratulatory Message by the Bank of Botswana Governor

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