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E-Money Institutions


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E-Money Institutions
 Below is a List of Authorised Electronic Money Issuers:
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 Authorised Payment Instrument Issuers in the National Payment System

The Bank of Namibia oversees all banks and authorised non-banks and provides them with different payment services and products. Participation in the National Payment System is available to any banking or authorised non-banking entity, provided the regulatory requirements/criteria are met.

Below are a list of authorised payment instrument issuers:

No. Payment Instrument Issuers National Payment System Streams
    NISS EFT Card-switch Facility E-Money
1. Bank Atlántico (Bank ATL)        
2. Bank BIC Namibia (Bank BIC)        
3. Bank of Namibia (BoN)        
4. Bank Windhoek (BWHK)        
5. First National Bank (FNB)        
6. Nedbank Namibia (NBN)        
7. Standard Bank Namibia (SBN)        
8. Letshego Bank Namibia (LBN)        
9. Namibia Post Limited (NamPost)        
10. Trustco Bank Namibia (TBN)        
11. Virtual Technology Services (VTS)        
12. Nammic Payment Solutions (NPS)        
13. VIVO Energy Namibia (VIVO)        
Legend: Direct Participant -  
  Indirect Participant -  

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