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Customer Complaints Online Submission Form


Find out more about Customer Complaints Online Submission Form.

Customer Complaints Online Submission Form

1. Complaints Requirements

Select each of the items below to confirm that your complaint meets the submission requirements.
If your complaint does not meet all of the requirements, please contact us before submitting the form.
The complaint is lodged against a registered and licensed institution that falls under the mandate of the Bank of Namibia. (Click here to view a list of Licensed Banks in Namibia)
The complaint was formally lodged with the banking institution's customer complaints department and was not resolved.
The complaint is not the subject of any legal proceedings.
The complaint has not been dealt with by a dispute-resolving body such as a court of law.

2. Supporting Documents

Upload the written complaint you submitted to the Banking Institution and any written response the institution sent back to you in the controls below. If you did not receive a written response from the Banking institution, only upload the written complaint sent to the Banking Institution.

3. Complainant's Personal Details

A complainant is an individual or small business that expresses grievance or dissatisfaction to the Bank of Namibia regarding the use of any of the product or service provided by a banking institution. 
Please enter the complainant's personal details in the fields below.  

3.1 Complainant's Contact Details

Please enter the complainant's contact details in the fields below.  

3.2 Complainant's Postal Address

Please enter the complainant's postal address in the field below.  

4. Are you submitting this complaint on behalf of someone else?

I am making this complaint on behalf of someone else.

If the complaint is on behalf of someone else, please enter your personal details.

4.1 Confirmation of consent of complainant

Do you have consent to complain on behalf of the complainant?

4.2 Complainant representative's Personal Details

Please enter the complainant representative's personal details in the fields below.  

4.3 Complainant representative's Contact Details:

Please enter the complainant representative's contact details in the fields below.

4.4 Complainant representative's Postal Address

Please enter the complainant representative's postal address in the field below.

5. Indicate the institution against whom the complaint is lodged.

Please provide more information on the institution against whom the complaint is being lodged in the fields below.

6. Details of Complaint

Please describe your complaint below, stating only the relevant facts, including dates, times, places and names.

7. Briefly state what outcome you hope to achieve

Please describe what outcome would settle or provide a solution to your complaint. 
(For example: I would like the institution to refund the amount of N$500.00)

8. Please Indicate any actions you have taken to resolve the issue.

Please describe any actions you have taken to settle or find a solution to your issue in the field below. 

9. How did you learn about the Bank of Namibia's handling of customer complaints?

Using the list below, please indicate where you first heard about the Bank of Namibia's handling of customer complaints. If you choose 'Other', please specify the information source. 

9.1 You selected "Other". Enter the information source in the field below:

10. Declaration

By submitting this form, I hereby agree that my complaint be dealt with by the Bank of Namibia in terms of the Guidelines for Lodging Customer Complaints. The information provided by me in this form is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct. I understand that the submission of a false claim may constitute the crime of fraud.

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