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In pursuit of its vision to be a centre of excellence, the Bank of Namibia seeks the service of a suitably qualified, experienced and competent person to join it's workforce in the position (s) listed below:

 A Career At The Bank Of Namibia
As a national institution, the Bank of Namibia offers the following workplace features:
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Credibility: Working for the Bank of Namibia means that you are a part of an institution that is helping to restore economic growth and sustainable economic development in the interest of the entire country.

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A steadfast company culture: The Bank of Namibia embraces a culture of agility, collaboration and trust that will encourage and inspire you to explore innovative ideas, to work across functional areas, and to create common ground in an enabling environment to achieve performance excellence.

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Development opportunities: The Bank of Namibia will expose you to professional and personal developmental opportunies, which include full- or part-time study opportunities, departmental rotational opportunities, international learning exposure, and virtual learning opportunities.

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Flexible working arrangements: To enable you to achieve an effective work-life balance, the Bank of Namibia offers a flexible working arrangement.

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Competitive rewards: The Bank offers competetive rewards for outstanding performance.

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Enquiries regarding vacancies should be addressed to:

Vacancy enquiries can also be delivered by hand or posted to:

     Deputy Director, Human Resources Department | 71 Robert Mugabe Avenue | P.O. Box 2882, Windhoek

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